Dermal Fillers

Needle FREE, Pain FREE, Lip fillers

Lip fillers have proven to be a popular and effective treatment to either enhance the shape of or increase the volume of lips transforming not only the appearance of lips but also the whole face

Dermal Fillers faqs

starting from €250


All fillers I use, such as Belotero, Surgiderm, and Ivory, are of the highest quality and are naturally broken down in the body. I am fully insured and qualified to provide the treatment throughout Ireland.


Treatments are pain-free and patients often remark how comfortable they found the procedure.


Results vary but fillers typically last 6-9 months, depending on the individual’s lifestyle and activity levels.


Larisa is highly skilled at creating natural looking results, be it improving the shape and definition of lips, revolumising and plumping, or full face rejuvenation.

Check                just a few of Larisa's actual results, volumising lips and enhancing shape whilst keeping the natural real look.

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